Live Life to the Fullest

Salam to all and I would like to start this Friday morning with an inspirational quote.

“Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still.” – Lou Erickso

Do you agree with it? I think this quote is brilliant, it makes you want to evaluate your life again and make sure that life does not pass you by without you gaining anything out of it. We only get one ride around this life, so it means anything that you don’t do, you won’t be able to go back in time and do it…  People always say ” I wish I could turn back the clock” well…they can’t.

We don’t know how long we will live and obviously we don’t want to spend years down the road wishing that we had done things… this could be just a simple phonecall to your parents and tell them how we love them before its too late or it could be not taking risk in life and at the end of the day it will be to late to do anything about it… spending too much time living in “what if” rather than living in “what is”.

So instead of just standing there, idling and letting the taxi meter continue ticking, get off your backside and go out and do something in life that have been given to you before it comes to the end. Don’t be afraid to take shot in life because if you don’t try you won’t know your capabilities…life is full of suprises, only if you live yours.

Something To Ponder

Before I came to Kuwait, I was a working mother,everyday I leave the house before 7 am and will only be home earliest by 8 pm. Work was stressful and I always envy the non working mothers…why you may ask…well, in my mind I think that they live a very good life…no stress, no problem and no deadline….you’re at home..what could possible be so stressful. So, when my husband got an offer to work overseas… I was so happy because I thought this is my only chance to quit my job and be a housewife…perfect! And now after 2 1/2 years being a housewife, I have to admit that this job is nothing like I imagined…it is far more stressful that office job. You are talking about working 24/7…non stop…well, your house is your work place…cant escape from going to work. The last few mornings I woke up and asked my husband jokingly if I could take MC… he said “of course dear…go ahead and take it…you haven’t utilize any of your 30 days annual MC since last 2 years” ha ha ha… I wish I could…

Below is a part of a note that I got from a friend and I think it is worth sharing. Hopefully it will get some husband thinking…

Seorang lelaki balik rumah.. Dia jadi heran giler.. halaman umah berselerak, surat kat peti pos tak berambil, anak-anak tengah main korek-korek tanah kotor, baju compang-camping, penuh dengan tanah dan kotoran, rambut tak bersikat, tak bermandi.. Masuk ke pintu rumah lagi lelaki tu terkejut. Ruang tamu lagi teruk berselerak. Lelaki tu melaung nama isterinya.. Sepi tiada jawapan. Masuk ke dapur, sinki penuh dengan pinggan mangkuk tak berbasuh, periuk tak bercuci, mencari apa yang boleh dimakan tetapi tiada makanan yang dimasak. Masuk ke bilik air, baju belum berbasuh apatah lagi berendam. Lelaki itu cemas mencari isterinya. Dia bergegas ke tingkat atas melihat isterinya terbaring di atas katil sedang membaca buku.

“Awak sakit ke?” tanya lelaki itu.

“Tak lah”, jawab isterinya ringkas.

“Kenapa teruk sangat rumah kita hari ni?” Tanya si suami lagi sambil meletakkan tangan di dahi isterinya, kot-kot isterinya demam.

“Wahai suamiku, semalam semasa kita bertengkar, abg mengatakan yang saya ini hanyalah suri rumah, duduk di rumah tak sepenat diri abg yang duduk di pejabat, dan abg sering menanyakan apa kerja yang saya lakukan di rumah yang menyebabkan saya merungut kepenatan kadang-kadang..


What do you think???