Poached Eggs

Honey bunny, sweetie pie, my boo, my beau, pumpkin, baby, darling, sayang, abe… these are common nicknames for the significant half in our life.  Sometimes it’s a shortening of a first name, a childhood name, or something that only you two knows why… this can gives you a unique feeling of love and being loved. Here in Malaysia… more often than not, I noticed that the wife will call the husband the same name that the kids call their dad and vice versa. You can hear almost everyone called their significant half like daddy, pa, ummi, ma. In my opinion, this is just not romantic. I did few times asked them why do they called their husband or wife like that and most people say …’senang or dah terbiasa.. or dah tua ni tak payah nak romantik sgt..’ well.. I beg to differ. I totally think that you need to try to maintain the special feeling between both of you walaupun dah tua. The older you guys get, the more reason to be romantic… what do you think? 2 weeks ago.. I met this couple.. a reasonably young couple and they called each other ‘suami’ and ‘isteri’.. my significant half and I were quite amazed by it. It is quite unique.. some of their conversation went like this ‘ herbs apa yang isteri letak baru ni yang suami suka sangat tu?’ ‘isteri letak tuala muka dalam beg suami pagi tadi’ hehehe… terhibur I dengar conversation dia org ni. Funny and somewhat romantic, don’t you think? Well.. whatever lah, as long as you guys happy. Assalamualaikum and salam jummat everyone.

Okay.. today I wanted to share a method of making poached egg. I love poached egg in egg benedict.. one of my favourite breakfast dish that I usually ordered masa kat middle east, kat sini susah la nak cari and most of the time the price is ridiculously expensive. So.. no other way to enjoy this type of egg except do it your self.

For me, poached eggs are a delicious, easy, healthy breakfast recipe. They are just beautiful…the whites are just firm enough on the outside to contain an oozy, golden yolk in a round little egg package. The trick to make this egg is to use the freshest egg in your kitchen. This blog, gives you all the good tips when making the poached egg from the height of the water in the pot to the how to crack the egg. Do read the blog if you have time. Next entry maybe I will do egg Benedict recipe. Say tuned.


  • 1 large egg
  • 1-2 tbsp vinegar (optional)


  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.
  2. While waiting for the water to boil, crack an egg into a small fine mesh sieve over a bowl. Swirl the egg in the sieve until all the liquidy egg whites have been removed. Then, place the egg in a ramekin.
  3. Stir the vinegar into the water and create a vortex. Add the egg to the middle of the vortex and cook the egg for 3 minutes.
  4. Remove the egg with a slotted spoon and dab it on a paper towel to remove any excess water. Serve immediately.
  5. Alternatively, if making the poached eggs for meal prep or ahead of time, transfer the cooked poached eggs to an ice water bath and refrigerate for a couple of days. When ready to serve, add boiling water to a bowl, then add the cold poached egg and submerge for 20-30 seconds or until warmed through. Remove the poached egg with a slotted spoon, dab dry and serve immediately.