Food Review – Kari Kambing 40 hari

Restaurant Kari Kambing 40 Hari

Assalamualaikum and good day to all. Its nice to be able to write again… been awhile since my last posting. Drafted few recipe postings since February this year but was not in the mood to publish them.. feels like too predictable hehehe.. So I decided to take my kids and my better half’s suggestions.. do some food review. They have been asking me to do this food review thingy for quite some times now but I felt that I am not the best person to do it… who am I to review people’s food.. but hey.. we are the customers.. we have the right to let our opinion heard, right? Everyone is entitle to their own opinion. So, here goes…

What comes to mind when you see this restaurant’s name for the first time? Oh…  for the sake of people who doesn’t understand Malay.. the name of the restaurant is “40 days Mutton Curry”. Hahaha.. I know what you’re thinking.. mutton curry that has been reheat for 40 days, right? That was exactly what came to my mind when my better half suggested we check out this place on our way to Johor. To be honest.. I was a bit skeptical about this restaurant at first.. takut sakit perut hahaha.

Mutton Curry

Okay.. Kari kambing 40 hari… this restaurant is owned by Malay chef. He is an ex 5 star hotel chef. What I love about this restaurant (besides the food) is all their staffs are Malays.. no foreigner.. semua pekerja faham cakap Melayu. Senang nak tanya apa2.  So.. why is this restaurant called Kari Kambing 40 hari? Well.. some said because you can smell the mutton curry on your hand for 40 days after you eat them (true if you didn’t wash your hand with soap hehehe)  and some said because the restaurant is opened for 40 days straight and then closed for 3 days. I am not sure if the open and close thingy is true because from their FB page, they said that the restaurant opens everyday.

The restaurant opens daily from 7.30am to 3pm. I am not sure about the breakfast menu but for lunch, they serve Nasi Arab with Kari Kambing or Chicken Mandhi. This restaurant adopt a self service concept where you need to queue for your food and drinks. There are 3 queuing lines; one line is for those who want to order talam serving (big tray), one for plate serving and another one is for take away. Queuing time will depend on the time of arrival. If you arrived before 12pm, the queuing time will be around 15 to 20 minutes but should you arrived after 12.30pm, be prepared to wait longer.

This restaurant has a big seating area but still.. if you arrive during lunch hour, finding a seat is not easy. Besides the normal table seating, they also have the Arab style / kampung style seating ie makan bersila.. So..kalau nak ambik feel macam makan Nasi mandhi kat middle east.. boleh la opt for makan dalam talam kat this area.

The food is served using a plate or a talam. For the talam serving, you can can have either Arabic rice with mutton curry or Arabic Rice with Chicken Mandhi or Arabic rice with the mix of mutton curry and chicken. One talam is good for 4 to 5 adults and if you order 1 talam you will get 1 jug of syrup for free. Cost for a talam set is rm48 and a plate of arabic rice with mutton or chicken with a glass of syrup only cost RM 14. Reasonable price I would say considering the portion is quite big.

Chicken Mandhi

They serve beautiful saffron colour arabic rice that is super soft and moist. It has a slightly sweet taste that you just can eat it by itself. The mutton curry is so tender and juicy. It is so tender that it melts in your mouth (hehehe just like what Manu said in My Kitchen Rules). The curry is superb..sweet and spicy at the same time.. the spices was blend harmoniously to give this heavenly taste… delicious! If mutton curry is not for you, you can try their chicken mandhi.. it is juicy and tender with a hint of sweetness.

All in all, I would strongly recommend this restaurant.. a must try food place if you are in the area. We would definitely go here again.

Address and Direction below is taken from their FB page.

Address : 215 Kg Hj Ghafar , Bt 5 1/2, Jln Yong Peng, Batu Pahat , Johor

Direction :
Dari Selatan ➡️ keluar tol Ayer Hitam➡️ 🚦kiri ke pekan Ayer hitam ➡️🚦kanan ke Jalan Yong Peng

Dari Utara ➡️ keluar tol Yong Peng utara ➡️pekan Yong Peng➡️🚦kanan ke Jalan Ayer Hitam Johor