Spun Candy Making Class


Last weekend we decided to attend a candy making class at Spun. Spun Candy is a UK based company. They opened their first store in Covent Garden London during the Summer of 2013. Since then they have grown across the UK and the Middle East. Each Spun Candy collection is vegetarian, full of natural fruit flavors and completely handcrafted.


The store in Oman offers a few classes but I think the UK store offer more options. We opted for Children’s Masterclass. This class is designed for kids from 6-17 years old. But since there were no other Malaysian kids to join us, we did it as a family. The Children Masterclass for 6 to 10 people cost RO 7.5 per person. If you only have 5 people joining the class, they will still run the class for your but the cost will be higher.. about RO9 per person.


Two members of staff took us into the little area away from the shop to make the candies. First they make sure we washed our hands and dried them. Then we put on hair nets, apron and gloves. They pointed out that the  station was hot and always remind us to be careful. The station needs to be hot as they want to make sure that the candy remain soft and pliable.


They allowed us to mix colours up, knead and pulled the warm candy to bring out pretty colour. They showed us how to make lolly pops, heart shaped lollies and candy cane.

To make lolly pops, first…you need to make 2 medium size candy balls of different colours. Roll out the balls into thin rope. Stick them together with water and then twirl each end in the opposite direction so the twisted candy looks like a rope. Then you roll them in to one thin candy rope and cut the long piece in roughly in half. Roll the candy rope in upon itself to make a spiral and flatten out the round shape. Then you stick a lollipop stick into the candy.


They also showed us how to hand craft roses from candy, make some fantastic faces and make our names from the sugar. We had a fantastic time as a family.


I love the apron.. too bad that they wont allow us to bring back one hehehe.


A great experience for kids and adults too. The class lasted for about 90 minutes.


Haqeem joined us for 30 minutes and then decided to just lie down on the bench and chill hehehe.


The best part of the whole thing is, the kids get to keep all the candies that they made. I’m gonna make sure Aina and Nurin bring back some of those candies back to UK… can’t afford to allow the small kids eat all those candies. Dr Mike will be cross at me should he knows about this hehehe.

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