Cek Mek Molek

My homemade cek mek molek

My homemade cek mek molek

Kids are on winter break, weather is superb and the other half is working… totally no fun hehehe. Looking forward to tomorrow tho.. taking a short trip to Musandam since it’s gonna be a 3 day weekend. My other half and his bike buddies gonna ride and I am gonna drive with the kids. Hopefully I can stay awake for this 5 hours drive. Being told that the scenery from Muscat to Musandam is breathtaking.. looking forward to the scenery but not the driving part. Insyaallah it will be fine as my other half said that he will stop every 2 hrs for stretching but knowing him.. we most probably will make more stops.. why? Well.. he loves photography.. so he definitely will stop to take pictures. Biiznillah.. I will share some photos and also write the driving experience to Musandam in future posting.

Enough with the blabbering.. lets look at this lovely kuih. Cek Mek Molek .. direct translation will be Beautiful Lady. This is a traditional Kelantanse kuih and is very similar to kuih keria except that this kuih has the sugar on the inside instead of the sugar coating on the outside. This kuih only has 3 ingredients; sweet potato, flour and sugar. Normally if you buy from the stall.. the amount of sugar inside this kuih is almost none.. come on people.. this kuih will never be cek mek molek if there is no sugar inside. I know that sugar is expensive but I don’t mind paying a bit more for a good amount of sugar in this kuih. Well.. my mum always say.. “if you not happy with the quality.. make yourself.”.. hmmm I dont mind making them when I am away from home but if I am in Kelantan.. my MALAS sickness always kick in hehehe. So.. today I’m gonna share with you the recipe for this cek mek molek.


  • 400g sweet potatoes
  • 100g flour
  • sugar


  1. Boil the sweet potatoes till tender. Drain and let it cood slightly
  2. Mashed the cool sweet potatoes and add in the flour. Mix until it forms into a pliable dough. Note that the amount of flour stated is a rough estimation.. please add or reduce as required.
  3. Take a small portion of the dough about the size of a ping pong ball and flatten it. Put 1/2 tsp of sugar in the middle and fold the dough to cover up the sugar and form it into a long oval shape.
  4. Heat up some oil, deep fry until golden brown
Tak leh makan banyak2.. nanti kencing manis hehehe

Tak leh makan banyak2.. nanti kencing manis hehehe

I sometimes make it in larger quantity so that I can freeze them. If you want to make a frozen cek mek molek, I would suggest you fry them half cook, let them cool, put in a ziplock bag and place them in the freezer.

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