New Place we call Home

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to everyone out there. Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah swt  for all his blessings and lessons that has been sent my way. Truly, we as human most of the time always forget to thank Allah for his countless blessings that he has bestowed upon us and always complaint when been tested. As human we need to remember that all the tests that has been sent to us are ways and means to increase our iman and taqwa towards Him. May Allah swt grant us patience whenever we are faced with crisis. Sound serious eh, hehehe well this is self reminder… just to remind myself not jump whenever “not so good thing” happens. Sabar sabar sabar.

Okay… what is it that I’m suppose to write?? Oh… my new home. Well… it has been 2 months since we first moved in into our new home in Madinat Sultan Qaboos (MQ) area. Alhamdulillah, most of the things are already in order except for few minor things that still need to be done. I am so glad that “house hunting” episode is done.

We live in a compound area consist of 22 villas

We live in a compound

Seriously, finding a suitable house here was really a challenge for me. Don’t remember it been so difficult when we first moved to Kuwait but then again, my other half did all the house hunting for us back then hehehe. Honestly after countless house viewing done, I never thought that we would be able to find one, especially with all of our “requirements”.

Our private patio that leads to the swimming area

Our private patio that leads to the swimming area

Shared swimming pool

Shared swimming pool

When we moved from Kuwait, we brought all our stuff that has been accumulated for 5 years. Banyak mana? Well, it fits the whole of 40 foot container… just imagine trying to find a house that can fit all those stuff. Don’t get me wrong…. there are tons of houses here in Muscat but every house that we viewed, there bound to be something that was  not right, either the kitchen cant fit our cooker, the bedroom is small and has no wardrobe, the parking is too narrow or the ceiling is too low hehehe. Another thing that I was struggling with was  because all of the houses here are multi level and I’m so used to single floor apartment while we were in Kuwait. Well, you can’t get everything,right. So if you ask me whether I manage to get single level house, then the answer is a big NO. Hehehe guess what…. my new house has 4 levels! Believe it or not, we even has a elevator in the house kahkahkah.

Living area

Living area

This new house has 5 bedrooms; all with attached bathroom. Just imagine how many bathrooms I need to clean in a month, not counting another 2 guest toilets. Can I request for a maid???? hehehe. Aina and Nurin managed to get approval from their father for personal room and they occupy the top floor. Sofea, Jessy and Haqeem  is sharing a room on the same level as the master bedroom. The most difficult thing for me to get use to is to wake everybody up everyday because before this I just need to walk from one end to another and now I need to walk up and down… I hate it! Since I hate it so much climbing the stairs, my other half does all the “waking up” every morning and all  I need to do is go down and prepare breakfast.

Okay…. let me just give a brief description about the area that we are staying now. Madinat Sultan Qaboos (MQ) is a suburb of Muscat, the capital of Sultanate of Oman.  It is situated less than one kilometer from the sea and is well connected to the rest of the city by the country main highways; Sultan Qaboos Street and Muscat Expressway. MQ is a very mature residential area with a small commercial area where you can find proper restaurant, fast food outlet, supermarket, bank, pharmacy, bookstores, laundry and hangout place such as Costa Coffee and Starbuks. My house is actually a walking distance to this commercial area which I find it very convenient. The distance to the school is also very reasonable…normally it takes me about 10 minutes to drive the kids to school every morning. This is important as 3 out of 5 days, kids have clubs which requires me to make two trips to the school in the afternoon and should the driving time and the distance is somewhat “crazy”, it could easily turn this mum into a monster and believe me, nobody wants a monster mum hehehe.

Have a great weekend people!


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