Milo and Oreo Jelly

Milo and Oreo jelly

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all. How are you guys doing? Hopefully semua ceria ceria selalu. As for me… always ceria except when I go to pick up my son from school… emmm…. nothing serious… just that the weather here is still hot… about 42C in the afternoon and walking for 300m to fetch him from school is really torturing me especially coming back from school. The weather dah la panas and ditambah pulak dengan cars’ engine running kiri kanan jalan makinlah mengelegak rasanye and my son pulak tu jalan really really slow… like strolling in the park… hai geram betul la. Hmmm tak boleh jadi macam ni… starting from tomorrow, I will drive to school to fetch him… well, at least until weather dah sejuk sikit. Lepas tu bolehlah jalan balik. Macam macam hal betul, dulu rumah jauh complain pasal traffic jam, dah duduk dekat sekolah ni… panas la pulak… he he he. Begitulah manusia, ada aje yang tak kena…

Orait… back to recipe for today.. I was so excited bila tengok jelly ni kat Blog Bissous A Toi  and after selongkar my pantry, I finally jumpalah agar agar powder yang I beli masa balik Msia hari tu. So tanpa berlengah I pun teruslah pour the jelly powder into a pot of water and guess what… my water turned green. Oh my God… what’s wrong???? Tak kan lah jelly powder ni gone bad… so I quickly checked the packet… it turned out that I bought a GREEN jelly powder. Terduduk sekejap… then I remembered that I have a jelly powder that I bought in Kuwait… alhamdulillah menjadilah jugak jelly I ni walaupun rupanya tak lah secantik Rima punya jelly but I’m quite certain that the taste is about the same kah kah kah.


  • 1 packet / 10g Jelly Powder (Agar-Agar Powder)
  • 750ml Water
  • 160g Sugar
  • 1 can (400g) Evaporated Milk
  • 3/4 cup Milo Powder
  • 1 pack (137g) Oreo Cookies – break into small pieces but keep the sandwich together

Can you see the Oreo chunks in the jelly?


  1. Place jelly powder and water in a pot & cook until jelly is dissolved.
  2. Add in sugar & cook until sugar is dissolved. Add in milk, stir well & switch off fire once boiled
  3. Separate 2 cups of the mixture into another pot & add in Milo powder.
  4. Stir well until Milo is dissolved.
  5. Pour 1 cup of the Milo mixture into a square container and let the remaining half warm up on smallest fire. Let it set slightly on surface before pouring another layer. Pour the plain mixture on top. Sprinkle Oreo cookies & let is set on the surface. Pour the remaining Milo mixture.
  6. Let it set completely at room temperature before chilling it in the fridge. Serve cold.


  1. Do not wait until the layer is completely set before pouring the next layer, or else it will not stick. If this happens, scratch surface with a fork before pouring the next layer.
  2. Make sure the mixture is still hot when pouring on the earlier layer so that it will stick well.

Heavenly delicious


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