Fridge Magnet London Europe Trip 2012 – Part 1

Before we flew off to London last June, I told my other half that I’m not gonna buy any London fridge magnet anymore since I already have few of them from our last trip in 2010 but what can I say… I got to have the 2012 Olympic FM right …. he he he. So, I present to you my new UK FMs collection muahahaha.

Official London 2012 Olympic fridge magnet.

London 2012 Olympic

Bought this at Dover, UK before crossing over to Calais,France

Bought this in the gift shop at Dover

Beli kan mana lagi kalau tak kat Harrods.

Roman Bath FM that I bought on our 2nd day in UK

Brussels was our 2nd destination. Time given by the tour manager was rather short for us to shop around but we managed to grab a few FMs while we were at the Grand-Place…. siap kena marah lagi sebab lambat balik ke bus ha ha ha.

Brussels FM

Broodhuis at Grand-Place

Grote Markt (Grand-Place) Brussels

Brussels Architecture


Brussels Map

Mannequin Pis, famous Brussels landmark

I love this rubber type of FM

Got to have this one as I got the similar type of FM from other cities he he he


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