Malaysian Food Bazaar

Malaysian Food Bazaar – Kuwait

Alhamdulillah the Malaysian Food Bazaar Kuwait that was held on 31st March 2012 ended with a smile on everyone’s face. Mabrook to Datin Azlinda and everyone that had worked hard to make this event a memorable one. Everyone had a butterfly in their stomach the night before and some of them didn’t get any sleep at all… that was how nervous everybody was but the day progressed smoothly with very minimal hick-ups, and for that we thank Allah for making everything went as plan.

We had a total of 8 stalls that day ; rice, kuih(dessert), snack, laksa , drinks, satay, noodles and handicraft. Among the dishes that were showcased during that day were Satay, Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang, Asam Laksa, Mee Rebus, Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu. Besides that we also have desserts and favourite teatime snack such as  Bingka Ubi, Kuih Lapis, Keropok Leko and Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana). We also have Mee goreng and Kuey Teow goreng stall where the noodles are fried on the spot once you place the order, kinda like Pasar Malam style and believe me when I say that people do not mind waiting for their mee goreng as long as they had it freshly fried in front of them. This stall was one of the popular stall because you can see a lot of people queuing to place their order. Having said that I think everyone would have guess that satay was the most popular dish for the day, we made about 2500 sticks of chicken and beef satay and after 1 hour of opening time, 1000 sticks were already gone. Alhamdulillah and mabrook to all that have helped in preparing about 60kg of chicken and beef few days prior to the event.

“Mencucuk” satay 2 days prior to the event … picture courtesy of Cik Eli Cik Nos

Back track a little bit he he he, on that day, the volunteers started to arrive as early as 8 am to make the last minute preparation such as decorating the stall, cutting the nasi impit, fruits and vegetables.

Getting ready…. TYT Dato’ Adnan – Malaysian Ambassador to Kuwait (in yellow) pun turun padang.

Busy busy bees in the kitchen…

I was in charged of the Dessert stall. Okay…let me get this clear… my responsibility was to find volunteers to bake all the kuih and also making sure that everything run smoothly on the day of the sale, and baking the kuih was not part of the job kah kah kah. On that day we had karipap, bingka ubi, bingka jagung, kuih bakar, kuih seri muka and kuih lapis at our stall. All the kuih were gone by 3 pm, alhamdulillah. Thanks to Pn Zarinah and my daughter Aina for  “promoting” the kuih he he he.

Penjaga warung kuih… Pn Noraniza, Pn Zarinah, Aina (my daughter) and myself.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t cook anything for that day he he he, actually I did make a small contribution to this event, I was asked by Datin Azlinda to make Rojak Buah (Malaysian fruit salad). The recipe that I used to make this Rojak Buah sauce was taken from my mum’s famous recipes (perasan la pulak… but nobody can deny that  kids always think their mum’s cooking is the best, am I right or am I right? he he he). Alhamdulillah habis la jugak even though not selling like “hot cakes” as kuih bingka ubi Pn Zarinah.

Kuih Bingka Ubi, Kuih lapis, Kuih Seri Muka

As for the rice stall, nasi lemak was the most popular dish. On that day,you could have a basic Nasi Lemak which came with only sambal, anchovies (ikan bilis), hard boiled egg and cucumber or you could asked for extra side dish… either beef rendang or spicy fried chicken (ayam goreng rempah). The spicy fried chicken were freshly fried at the stall and I’ll tell you this … the smell was really “mengancam”… you just had to have it he he he. Besides Nasi Lemak, we also had Nasi Kerabu Hitam and Nasi Dagang Terengganu and of course, they were sold out too by the end of that day.

The famous Nasi Lemak Pn Nor Azura

Ayam Goreng Rempah

Tokey Warung Nasi… Pn Fairuz, Pn Maznah, Pn Nor Azura and En Mady

The favourite stall of the day was the Satay Stall. On that day, we had a couple of  guys helped to grill the satay, but I think what made the satay stall very popular was because of these two most eligible bachelors …. he he he (jangan marah ye Azheem and Mizi)

Satay Dudes… En Azheem and En Romizi

At the Noodles Station, we had Laksa, Mee Rebus and Soto. Unfortunately for me, on that day I only managed to taste mee rebus Pn Mala je… it was marvelous. Compliment to the chef!

Noodles Station… from right Ati, Zaza, Nazar and Mala

The busiest stall of all was Drink Station… not only because everybody needed to drink after a good meal but also because we had the pretties girls and “cutest” gentlemen serving the drinks he he he (jangan marah ye Pn Eli and Pn Nazar!). Our mineral water for that day was sponsored by ABC Water company. Thank you very much for the contribution.

Water Girls… Tasya, Nurin(my daughter) and Mayon. Kat tepi on the right tu… En Yunus and En Moque.. tokey teh tarik he he he

Hope to see you guys again during Hala Feb 2013, insyaallah.

After the event…