Good Bye My Beloved Uncle

My beloved Ayah Mie

Last Monday 5 March 2012 @1:15 am(Malaysian time), my beloved uncle, Hazmi Hamzah has passed away due to heart attack at the age of 45. On that very morning or shall I say midnight, while I was preparing to sleep, I just felt like looking at some facebook updates on my iPhone and the first update that popped up the screen was my uncle’s ex-wife status and when I read ” My elder kids lost their father earlier this morning..” my heart missed a beat… I paused for awhile and then read it again…. can’t believed what I’ve read….it can’t be true… so I called my mom but she didn’t picked up the phone, called my sister but no answer, so I called my brother and he confirmed the news…. my beloved Ayah Mie indeed has left us.

My uncle was warded the day before due to blood thinning causes by some medication that he took couple of days earlier and as a result of that, he had bruises all over his body and his heart became weak. Later that night, he was complaining about pain all over his body…. well… according to my brother who is a doctor, it is normal for the heart patient to experience the pain all over their body. My brother told the attending doctor that  my uncle actually has 3 blockage in his heart and our family has a history of heart attack , in fact my uncle’s brother had died of heart attack at the age of 40. Only then the doctor starting to read my uncle’s file… sad isn’t it. My brother  then requested my uncle to be brought to ICU but the attending doctor told him that he has to wait for his supervisor before sending a patient to ICU…. he said may be in 2 hours time…. unfortunately, it didn’t happened at all. They just gave him a shot for the pain. At mid night he woke up in pain again… at 1:00 am he was unconscious and 15 minutes later he left us all. Al fatihah.

The sad thing is he just got married one month ago after 11 years being a divorcé. My deepest sympathy goes to my new auntie and I hope that she will be strong in this hard time and please keep him alive in your doa and prayers. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult  time.



2 thoughts on “Good Bye My Beloved Uncle

  1. Semoga beliau ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yg diredhai-Nya dan semoga keluarganya dikurniakan kesabaran untuk mengharungi kesukaran ini.

  2. My deepest sympathy to you and arwah family…..ya ajal maut. jodoh dan reseki semua ditangan Allah. He died early to us God Love Him…my alfatihah to him and may he rest in peace bersama orang-orang yang soleh. To the rest of the family BE STRONG.

    Al Fatihah.

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