Eid Adha in Kuwait

This year Eid Adha was celebrated on 6th November. In Kuwait,  qurban (animal slaughtering) can be done in the comfort of your house compound or you can choose to do it at  the animal slaughter house.

Slaughter house in Salmiya

If you choose to do it at the animal slaughter house … first, you need to go and view the animals. After you have viewed and decided, you can now proceed to the payment counter. Once you have paid, they will give you a receipt and a number that you need to keep in order to receive your meat.

Sheeps for you to choose....

Now you can proceed to choose your animal for the qurban. Once you have selected your sheep/goat, they will then bring the animal to the slaughter area, you could view the  slaughtering and cleaning process from the observation room. What you have to do next is just wait for your number to be called and receive your meat.

View from the observation room

Almost ready....

For the past 3 years, we did our qurban at the slaughter house, but this year we did our qurban at the Malaysian Embassy and alhamdulillah, it went very well.

Our qurban tahun ni....

Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar!Allahuakbar!

It was nice to see semua orang bergotong royong menjayakan program qurban ini.

Team work!

Good work guys!

Cleaning up....

Schools and government offices were closed for a week for eid, so we took the opportunity to go for a picnic  with few friends at the Green Island. The weather was fantastic.

Haqeem, Arif,Hazeem, Amsyar, Sofea and Jessy


Satay... barulah rasa macam raya....

We left the Green Island after azar.... had a wonderful day!


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