9 DzulHijjah…..

My beloved father.

On 9 DzulHijjah 1418(5 April 1998), my beloved father kembali ke rahmatullah. That year my husband and I actually did not plan to go back for Eid Adha because at that time Nurin just turned 3 months, too small to traveled, furthermore, I just got back to KL and start working after 2 months of confinement in Kelantan, but somehow or another, at the very last minute we decided to go back.

We traveled back to Kelantan 2 days before the Eid and as usual, the traffic was bad, we arrived at my in law’s house in Kuala Krai rather late that night and we decided to rest for the night and balik rumah my parents the next day because I wanted to spend first raya at my parent’s house. Unfortunately, before kita orang sempat sahur the following morning, my sister called and told me that my father just collapsed, so we rushed home. Half way through the journey, my mum called and told me that my father just passed away…. I cant describe how much it hurts hearing those words from my mum but there was nothing I could do to bring him back. Up to now, there are times when thinking about it, I wish that I had traveled home earlier that week and may be… and just may be I could have the opportunity to see him alive one last time… but as Muslims, we have to believe that things happened for a reason… you just have to redha dengan ketentuan Allah.

Ba… you are always in my prayers and semoga rohmu berada disamping orang2 yang beriman. We miss you so much.

Graduated from UM in 1971

Eid Mubarak to everyone from us in Kuwait, we hope that you will have a beautiful Eid with your families.


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