Friday Market (Souq al-Jum’a)

Friday Market

Friday Market / Kuwait Flea Market is ranked as #17 of 68 things to do in Kuwait by Lonely Planet travelers. Friday market opens from Thursday afternoon until Saturday evening. You will find almost anything you can imagine in this place !! Literally anything…. from carpets, clothes, jewelery, antiques and shoes, to food items, pottery and plants, animals, furnitures and don’t be surprise if you see they are selling “used deodorant” … and  from the looks of it the deodorant has passed their expiry date which was like few years back he he he.

Your visit to Kuwait would not be complete without visiting Friday Market. If you are planning to visit Friday market, be sure to put on your most comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk the whole length of the market to explore all the goods and get a proper feel of the atmosphere.

For Malaysian in Kuwait, Friday Market is  the synonyms used for carpet.  Whenever we have visitors from Malaysia, we will definitely bring them here and for sure they will go crazy about the carpets. There are lots of design to choose from and the prices are definitely cheaper than Malaysia… well, at least that’s what I’ve been told.


All sorts of pattern and quality

Floor cushions are very popular in Kuwait, the prices are varies depending on the quality of the material used.

Floor cushion section

Different pattern of floor cushion

Friday Market also offers you a variety of secondhand items such as TV, furniture, bicycles, electrical goods and lots more.

Secondhand bicycles and treadmills

Secondhand Chandeliers

Trampoline anyone?

One of the secondhand section

You can also get new and secondhand curtain here.

Ready made curtains

So, apa lagi…. jom gi Friday Market!


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