Costume/Halloween party

Mr Sponge Bob

Today is Haqeem’s first Halloween Party. When I first got to know about the party, I was quite worried because knowing Haqeem, he definitely does not want to wear scary costume, but I was glad to know that the costume doesn’t have to be a scary one.

So, last weekend we went to True Value to find Haqeem’s costume and lucky me… they are having SALE at the moment… not that the costume cost that much but KD7 is a bit too much to spend just for a costume that you gonna wear once. So, after searching for some time, we settled for Sponge Bob simply because it is the easiest to pakai and tak de banyak gadgets he he he…. anyway it is also one of his favourite characters.

Haqeem with pumpkin and a cat hat made by his teacher

Haqeem with his teacher, Ms Judith Al Muttawa

Spider Man and Sponge Bob

I baked some cupcakes for him to bring to the party.

My scary cupcakes

Scary face!



Ha ha ha this is a sad monster



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