Haqeem’s 1st day of school

Ready to go to school

We finally decided to send Haqeem (3 years 8 months) to school this year. At first we signed up with NES (New English School) where our girls go to school, unfortunately he didn’t want to cooperate during the assesment… so the Head teacher told me that they can’t accept him if he do not want to do the assessment. I’m quite sad  by the decision but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Assessment for 3 years old kids? Yes, you heard it right. Here in Kuwait, your child is required to undergo evaluation test or assessment before admission, primarily to ensure that  he/she will be placed in a correct academic year and class. Anyway, the NES teacher suggested that we try  Bubbles Montessori Nursery and alhamdulillah, he was accepted there.

So… today is the big day! I was so nervous about sending him to school since he does not speak very well…. thinking about it makes me lose sleep.  A lot of “what if…” comes to mind but I know that I have to do this and hopefully by sending him to school, his communication skill will improve, insyallah. I know that I have to be brave and pray that Allah will make everything go smoothly.

Alhamdulillah, this morning turned up very well. Few nights before my other half asked me this question… “How do you plan to leave him nanti?”…. the truth was I did not have any plan, just pray that Allah will give me a change to break free from him without him seeing me because if he saw me leaving, he will definitely will scream and cry and it will break my heart….. So, today when I send him to his class room, he just entered the room and started playing, so I quickly left. When I arrived home I make sure that my hand-phone was with me at all time, just in case the school calls… teruk tak? Can’t do much for 5 hours… every now and then I checked my phone he he he.

When I picked  him up at 12:45 tadi, he was so happy to see me and the girls. He was screaming happily…. he must have thought that we had abandoned  him ha ha ha. The teacher told me that he was not too bad but he did scream and cried once he noticed that I was not there but overall, he was OK. I’m so relief to have heard that. After lunch he dozed off on the sofa…. must be very tired!

He slept for 4 hours...

OK …. have a good nite sleep…. hopefully tomorrow will be another good day for my boy and also the girls… Yeap… they will be starting their new term tomorrow after 3 months of summer holidays…


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