Out in the sun

People just started to arrive

Couple of months back, we attended Gulf Bank Family Day for the 3rd time, the 1st time was at the Entertainment City, the 2nd was at Hilton Resort and this time it was at a desert camp, north of Kuwait, somewhere near the Iraq border. The weather was perfect and the kids had lots of fun even though most of the time we didn’t understand what the emcee was saying he he he.


Food was good and they have lots of good prizes for lucky draw but as usual.. we were not the lucky ones! It was a windy day… perfect for playing kite!

Assembling the kite...

Ready to fly

Nurin n Jessy

Aina n Haqeem

While we were at the play area, Aina spotted a iPod touch buried in the sand, she picked it up and gave that to me. I looked around to see if there was anyone at that area that looked like searching for lost item, but none… so I gave to my other half so that he could bring to his office the following week. I just don’t want to give to just anyone because few days prior to that my friend Anis told me that she found iPhone4 in ZARA and she gave it to the cashier and she just placed the phone in the drawer and didn’t even bother to make announcement until the store closed that day… I wonder what happened to that iPhone4…

Anyway, my other half brought the iPod back to the office and reported it to the security. The next day, a manager from HR called and told him that it was his daughter’s iPod that we found. He thanked my other half for reporting it. Couple of weeks after that he sent us this beautiful pendant to give to Aina for being honest.

Swarovski pendant

There was another incident that happened to us last April but this time we were the one that lost something. We were in Dubai airport at that time and our flight was delayed due to sand storm in Kuwait. Sofea left her camera bag at the food court and she realized it just about the time we wanted to board the plane. I was so panic… Nurin and Sofea ran to the food court and of course the bag was not there… it has been more than 30 min since we left the food court. They approached the cleaner and thank God that he was an honest person, he told them that he gave it to the lost and found section. They ran down stairs and after convincing the officer that the camera was their by viewing the photos in the camera, they managed to get the camera back… to that we were grateful to God for sending us an honest cleaner… unlike the cashier at ZARA.


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