Fridge Magnets

Brunei Darussalam - from UMRAH trip in 2001

First time FM really captured my interest was way back in the 90s when we visited my other half’s boss. The boss’s wife, Kak Mala collects FM and from the look of her super big fridge, I knew that she has been collecting them for quite some time. Every time I visit , I will definitely spend sometime admiring her collections and it was then that I decided to collect FM.

Kuwait... you know we get this right?

Unfortunately both of us just started working then and we do not travel much, so most of my FMs were the one that we  managed to grab whenever me or my other half went outstations or souvenirs from friends and families.

Malaysia - got this during our last visit home

My FM collections grew after we moved to Kuwait… we did a bit of traveling, so I managed to buy some whenever I traveled and not to mention that I also received FM souvenirs from friends in Kuwait whenever they traveled.

Switzerland - from my Honeywell ex-boss

Finland - from my Honeywell ex-boss

Lebanon - from my other half's office mate


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