David Winter Collection – Part 2

Our landline has not been fully functioning for the last 3 weeks. Last week I went to Ministry of Communication on Sunday to complain about it. They said they will fix it by the next day but came Wednesday the line was still not working. So, went again to see them and they said I need to call my internet provider to come to the Ministry and fix it. Alhamdulillah, the Gulf Net manage to fix it on the next day i.e Thursday but  guess what? Last Sunday it was not working again…. heeee tension betul la!

Today is the second time I went to the Ministry to sort things out and the lady at the complaint centre said they will fix it by today, insyaallah. Susah betul kalau kena deal dengan Ministry ni…. the only consolation is even though the land line is dead, the internet is still working…. thank God for that. If not, mati kutu la semua orang kat dalam rumah ni.

Never mind… relax dulu, let’s have a look at my cottage collection pulak. These are David Winter Cottages and they are absolutely beautiful. I bought them from eBay UK and have them shipped to my niece who is studying in Kent.

Single Oast cottage

This is Single Oast from the David Winter Regions collection.  An Oast house is essentially a farm building, typical in southern parts of England, used for drying hops and it has a very distinctive conical-roof. Nowadays there are a lot of this type of barn building that has been converted into a beautiful home.

The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse is from David Winter Main collection and was first introduced in 1983. Bakehouse by definition  simply means a building or area in which bread is made,  so that why I think you can see lots of fire wood  at the side of this cottage and it also has a large and high chimney.

Little Market

Little Market cottage is also from David Winter Main collection. It was first introduced in 1980. This cottage is gorgeous and to further appreciate the detail of this piece you will need a magnifying glass to pick out the baskets of produce and also fish on the counter outside the house.


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