Cheese Tart

Cheese tart

I bought cream cheese to bake this tart almost 2 months ago…. luckily the expiry date is April 2011…kalau tak, rugi je! So, after tangguh punya tangguh, yesterday I finally baked this cheese tart. At first I though of making blueberry cheese tart but after selongkar cupboard only to find that blueberry filling dah habis, terpaksalah buat the plain one. Here is the recipe.

Ingredient for Crust:

  • 125 g soften butter
  • 60 g icing sugar
  • 1 small egg
  • 240g g flour

Ingredient for cream cheese:

  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 50 g icing sugar
  • 20 g soften butter
  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 small egg
  • Chocolate emulco for decoration


Crust : Beat butter and sugar till creamy. Add egg and beat again. Add flour bit by bit till dough is formed. Press the dough into the tart base and trim the edges. Poke the tart base to avoid the crust from rising. Bake @180C for 15-20 mins.

Cream Cheese: Beat cream cheese, butter and icing sugar till creamy. Add lemon juice and egg and mix well. Pipe into the tart base and decorate the top with chocolate emulco. Bake @ 180C for 10 minutes.


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