Mable Bread

Chocolate Marble Bread

Salam Maulidur-rasul….today is a public holiday for most if not all Muslim countries in the world. As for us in Kuwait, the government has decided to move the public holiday to Thursday (17 Feb) so that people can have a longer week-end, but… this should not stop us from reciting praises and blessings to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).

Today’s recipe is Chocolate Marble bread and you can check out the original recipe  from Mat Gebu’s blog.

Ingredient 🙂
200 g bread flour (I used normal flour)
50 g flour
1 tbsp butter
140 – 150 ml fresh milk (I used 150 ml)
1 tsp instant yeast
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp bread improver
1 tbsp cocoa powder + a bit of water to make paste (I used 1/2 tsp chocolate emulco)

Method 🙂

Put all ingredients except for butter and chocolate emulco into bread maker. Set the BM to dough mode and press START. After the dough is formed, add the butter and once the BM stop, punch the air out of the dough. Take it out and divide the dough into 3 portions. Take one portion and add the chocolate emulco. Knead the bread until the colour is mixed properly and then roll it to form a rectangular. Combine the other 2 dough and roll them to shape like a rectangular. Place the chocolate dough in the middle and cover it completely with the white dough. Cut the dough into 3 strips and then braid them (macam buat tocang rambut tu…). Place the braided dough into a bread pan and glaze it with butter and sprinkles some sugar. Bake at 180-190C for about 20-25 mins.


Oh…before I forget…I would like to introduce our newest family member… Harry! We adopted him last Saturday from the K’S Path Animal Shelter Kuwait.


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