Interesting morning

Yesterday, on the way to school, Sofea and I had a very interesting conversation…

Sofea : Ummi, what is “Orang Utan” in Malay?

Me: “Orang Utan jugak lah, kenapa?

Sofea : Oh.. kat big tv over there I saw Orang Utan and limau..

Me: What?? Limau??

Sofea : No no no its harimau.

Me : Oh OK (I started to laugh…) what were they doing ?

Sofea : Well… the limau was chasing the rambutan

Aina, Nurin and I laughed and laughed and laughed….kelakar betul…Teringat pulak cerita “Seniman Bujang Lapuk” rasanya yang ada dialog “….nak bukak ladang rimau…” and Allahyarham Ahmad Nisfu said “…Kau nak mampus!!…”he he he.

It was so funny and thinking about it again this morning makes me smile….


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