Oman Trip

The kids’ winter break started on 16 Dec 2010 baru2 ni and I was really looking forward to this break after 3 1/2 months of really hard and tiring school work. My husband and I decided to take a short break (5D4N) and this time we agreed on having a relaxing holidays. Biasanya, our holidays will be packed with activities and places to visit… so this time it will be something different. Destination of our choice was Muscat, Oman. Why? Well, some friends told us that Muscat is beautiful place to visit.


Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort comprises of 3 hotels : Al Waha (“The Oasis”) which is ideal for families with kids, Al Bandar (“The Town”) and Al Husn (“The Castle”) which I was told that no kids are allowed… suitable only for honeymooners and couples. We obviously chose Al Waha and it was perfect for us, the swimming pools were great and the food was excellent.

Haqeem and Jasmine enjoying the kiddy pool

Sofea and hubby in the pool

The resort also has a lazy river that connect Al Waha and Al Bandar. Our kids and I really enjoyed this half km of lazy river very much…

Lazy river at Al Waha side

The Lazy river

The resort is situated in a stunning bay looking over the Gulf of Oman and nestled against a backdrop of rugged mountains.

Al Waha beach

Aina and Nurin went kayaking

Kids playing chess in the middle of the night

The only time we went out from the hotel were when we visited the Matrah souk and Dolphin watching. When I said dolphin watching, I meant we went to see the wild dolphin and took us over an hour to finally found them and it was totally worth it.

Searching for the dolphins

Searching and searching

Finally we found one

and another one

On the way back from the trip, the driver bawak kita orang tengok tengok scenery yang breathtaking….


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