David Winter Cottage – Derbyshire Mill


Derbyshire Mill cottage

David Winter is one of the most talented miniature sculptor in Great Britain. Born 1958 in Catterick, Yorkshire, David was inspired by his Mother, famed British sculptor Faith Winter. The first David Winter Cottage – ” The Mill House ” was introduced in 1979.

I just got to know that one of David quaint habits is to sculpt a mouse or an owl onto most of his cottages. The first time that the mouse appeared was on cottage called “Brookside Hamlet” in 1982. This mouse is very tiny and you really need to search for it in order to find it…. Can you see in the photo below????


The mouse on the base of the chimney

One of the David Winter cottages that I have in my collection is from The Midland Collection called The Derbyshire Mill, inspired by Richard Arkwright’s mill at Cromford…the world first water-powered cotton spinning mill. The cottage is a four story brick building with stone arches, an engine house and a tall brick chimney.



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