Nasi Lemak


Nasi Lemak

This morning’s breakfast is nasi lemak….. a dish that requires little introduction. Nasi lemak is one of Malaysia famous national dish…just ask anyone, they would be able to tell you what is nasi lemak (not necessarily able to tell you how to prepare it) and where you can find the best one in town. Well, if you ask people in Kuwait, they wont be able to direct you to the stall that sells nasi lemak but they might be able to tell you who makes the best nasi lemak in town ….could it be Nasi Lemak Mdm Zarinah or Pn Siti Hadijah Amoi???? he he he

This famous dish is sold in every part of Malaysia, from a fancy restaurant to a hawker stall on the road side…but of course there will be a huge different in prices… Nasi lemak is normally wrapped in a fragrant banana leaf serve with basic ingredient such as peanuts, fried anchovy (ikan bilis), boiled eggs and sambal. You can also order side dish to compliment the aromatic rice such as curry chicken, fried chicken, beef rendang, sambal cuttlefish, fried egg, sambal kerang and more.

Nasi lemak can be eaten practically anytime of the day…normally people eat for breakfast but you can also find them widely available at night especially around places where people hang out after work…like Mamak restaurant.


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