Puff Pastry

Sardine puff

Afternoon everybody. Few days ago, sajalah membelek-belek blog masak memasak and I stumbled upon this blog and I think she is very creative…I love the way she make a simple food looks so interesting. The blog is called Deco Choco…tuan punya blog is Yani. I have tried 2 of her idea…as you can see the top picture is a sardine puff…normally we put sardine inside but this one the sardine is outside…well, I did change the recipe a bit, in her recipe she put the cheese on top of the sardine and bake it again for few minutes till the cheese melted…I skipped this step…

Kat sini I tak letaklah resipi coz semua orang tahu macamana nak buat inti sardine he he he

Sosej Puff

Above is another example of her creative idea in assembling a sosej roll….well, my sosej roll was not as perfect as hers…but at least it is different …..


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