Jeruk Mangga


My mum's Jeruk Mangga

Jeruk Mangga….mouth watering….My mum always makes this jeruk whenever the mango tree behind our house berbuah. Since only my brother stays with her, practically nobody makan mangga ni…at times there will be few pail of mangga yang jatuh from the tree…sayang betul…so my mum selalulah buat jeruk mangga ni.  Sometimes she will make ice cream jeruk mangga…it is soooooo delicious….Whenever we all balik KB, the first thing that my kids will do is open up my mum’s freezer….there will be all kind of ice cream; ice cream jeruk mangga, ice cream puree mangga, ice cream asam masin, ice cream milo and sometimes ice cream syrup bandung….bestnya! During my mum’s last visit to Kuwait which was Nov last year, she bought some of her ice cream mangga to her cucu…well…I did sorok few from my kids… you know… they sometimes makan ice cream ni macam makan nasi….nanti tak merasa pulak I… he he he.


Ice Cream Malaysia (My mum's style)

Since we are staying in Kuwait now, there is no chance of us to eat my mum’s jeruk mangga… unless we go back to Malaysia…so…I have to try and make it myself…alhamdulillah, it turn out ok. Nasib baik Lulu Hypermarket ada jual mangga muda, so dapatlah makan jeruk….


1. Buah dipotong kecil.
2. Rendamkan dalam air garam sehingga tenggelam selama 1 malam.
3. Toskan sehinga kering.
4. Rendam dalam air kapur hingga tenggelam selama 3 – 4 jam. Toskan hingga kering.
5. Masukkan buah yg telah ditoskan dalam balang diselang seli dengan gula.
6. Biarkan 1 – 2 malam dan boleh dimakan.

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