Lilliput lane cottage – Part3

Salam…. Dah masak ke belum? Hari ni tak de idea nak masak apa, so…kita tengok2 lah rumah comel ni dulu ye…hopefully idea tu datanglah lepas ni..

The first cottage yang I nak show today is called Lace Lane cottage.

Lilliput lane collection - Lace lane cottage

This cottage is based on a 15th century cottage in Nottingham, the home of British lace making. The wall design of this cottage remind me of Colmar Village kat Bukit Tinggi…not exactly sama but similar. Kat depan rumah ni ada kereta sorong with stuffs on it. Not sure apa benda tu but maybe rolls of cotton to make lace…since this cottage belong to a person who make lace…he he he

OK…the second cottage for today’s viewing is called Dove Cottage.

Lilliput Lane collection – Dove cottage

The actual Dove cottage is located on the edge of Grasmere, a village and a popular tourist destination, in the centre of English Lake District. Dove cottage is the home of an English poet named William Wordsworth from December 1799 to May 1808. Cottage ni is a bit dull, tak banyak colour. The colour of the roof is greenish and the wall is white and rumah ni ada 4 chimneys. One part of this house duduk atas bukit sikit and another part is on the lower ground…macam split level la…

Ok…the last cottage for today is called Victoria Cottage.

This cottage is introduced in 1989 and discontinued in 1993. This design is based on a typical house of the 1880s.

Lilliput Lane collection - Victoria cottage

The wall of this cottage is made from yellowstone bricks, the doors are made of wood and it has one nice bay window on the right corner with red flowers menjalar on top of it.  This house has an arch which if you go through, it will lead you to the kitchen…

Well, that’s all for today kids… he he he, time to start cooking….see u later, alligator!!!!!

Lace Centre
Severns Building


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