Lilliput Lane cottage – Part2

Salam to everyone. Today I nak cerita sikit pasal one or two cottages that I have in my collection….First one is called Birthday cottage…. well, not that I got this on my birthday…my hubby got this for me from ebay.

Lilliput Lane collection - Birthday cottage (Front View)

This cottage was built based on a house somewhere in Suffolk, England. Since this cottage is called Birthday cottage, kat depan and belakang dia ada few balloons tied to the tiang and pintu. Really cute and pintu belakang dia terbuka sikit with a dog coming out from the house. Can you see the dog????

Lilliput Lane colletion - Birthday cottage (back view)

OK, next cottage yang I nak tunjuk is called Tea Caddy Cottage, this cottage is named after a house in Hadleigh Road and I think this house in on a high land. The house looks like ada 3 levels with big tree at the back of the house….This cottage was built in 1994.

Lilliput Lane collection - Tea Caddy Cottage


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