Lilliput Lane cottage – Part1

The Lilliput Lane collection was begun in 1982 by sculptor David Tate in England’s Lake District. Lilliput lane leads the world in the production of handcrafted, hand-painted miniature cottages. All Lilliput lane models are produced in the United Kingdom.

How can we tell that it is a Lilliput Lane collection? Well, all of the cottages feature labels on the green baize (fabric) base which feature the name of the piece and they have a backstamp somewhere on the side of the piece.

OK, enough with that. There is another piece of my collection.

Finchingfields - Lilliput Lane Collection

The name of this cottage is FINCHINGFIELDS. This cottage is named after a village in Essex. Finchingfields is a common tourist coach destination because it is generally regarded as being very “pretty”. In fact it has won competitions for that in the past and has been described as “the most photographed village in England”.

Finchingfields (front view) - Lilliput Lane collection


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